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Where Should You Keep Your Original Will?

When it comes to preparing for retirement, there is one other important legal course of action you need to take in order to properly take care of your assets. That is, of course, writing your will. This will be especially crucial if you plan to or already have children; your assets need to be adequately distributed and put to use.

But once you get your will drafted with a legal advisor, what is the next step? When you receive a fresh copy of your will after it is finalised, you will want to think about where to store such a significant document.

where should you keep your original will

Here are a few suggestions you can start with:

1. A secure place at home – like a home safe or cabinet

Keeping your original will close to you at home is no doubt one of the first solutions anyone will think of. After all, being able to easily access the document at home means you will not have to pay a legal advisor or attorney a fee to keep it safe.

As long as you know where your will is located at home, and you are certain it is secure, then you will not have to fear unauthorised access or damage to the document.

It is also important that you inform one or two trusted family members about the location of your will at home, so that in the event there is an emergency and you are unable to retrieve it, someone else will.

Additionally, remember your password to access the safe – and the key to your cabinet. If not, the time and money spent to creating the document will go right down the drain.

2. With your legal advisor and/or legal executor of your will

Personal attorneys, advisors, or the legal executor of your will are great options to consider when you want to store your will in a secure place. Many attorneys or lawyers will be able to store your will in their offices – especially if you feel afraid that your own home might not be secure enough.

However, should you choose to do this, remember to inform important or key family members about this, lest you send them on a blind hunt for a document that is not even at home.

This option is perfect for those who fear their homes are too cluttered and messy – and run the risk of losing their original will in a huge mess, or even damaging it by accident. It is better to be safe than sorry, in this case.

3. Safe deposit box in a bank or private vault facility

If you are insecure about storing your original will at home or at an attorney’s office, consider purchasing a safe deposit box with a bank or a private vault facility. These safe deposit boxes are highly secure though they do come with a price.

For safe deposit boxes with a private vault facility, your safe deposit box will be easily within reach, even though it is not at home – since most vault companies offer transportation services that will bring your stored assets and valuables to you without much trouble. This way, you can always keep an eye on your original will – and retrieve it without hassle when necessary.

Some vault companies offer this service for 24 hours a day, all week – so you will not have to worry about being unable to reach your valuables over the weekends. And for good measure, you may also store other important items like heirlooms or jewelry in the very same safe deposit box, making it a great place to store your most treasured items and legal documents.

Whether you choose to store your original will at home, with your legal advisor, or inside a secure safe deposit box, it is important to keep your family in the loop. Your will is after all the last, most important document you will ever produce in your lifetime – and can ensure you effectively pass on what you wish to your children or beneficiaries without any confusion or hassle.

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