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Gold and Silver Storage with UltraVault
With value-added services for those dealing in the purchase, sale and storage of bullion

UltraVault’s facilities are located in Free Trade Zones around the world which enable companies, institutions and individuals to store precious metals with a 100% duty-free exemption.

UltraVault’s security and safety systems have been designed from the ground up incorporating a unique tailored mix of physical surveillance, cutting-edge technology, 24/7 monitored CCTV together with alarm, climate, and fire control systems. Security at each vault is paramount. Malca-Amit also has CTPAT approval; AEO approval; and is a DFT Regulated Agent.

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Our Precious Metals Storage Solution
Launched by Malca-Amit

Protect your physical gold and silver with our state-of-the-art private silver storage and gold storage options in Los Angeles.

Instead of confining your wealth and bullion to your home, where it will remain susceptible to fires and theft, utilising our private vault storage options will free your mind of these everyday worries.

Precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium are routinely stored in our specially designed vaults.

With us, your physical gold and silver will always be within reach and within your control. Freed from tax regulations and banking restrictions, your gold and silver will remain wholly yours. Instead of paying hefty taxes, settle only for a much smaller fee with us.

Highly, internationally connected, Los Angeles is a prime destination for most travellers and businessmen in modern times. Mitigate the risk of your assets being seized or regulated and store your gold and silver in our highly secure, advanced silver and gold storage vaults today.

UltraVault’s facilities incorporate a dedicated division providing a unique set of value-added services for those dealing in the purchase, sale and storage of bullion.

Phone: (213) 627-1103
Address: 550 S Hill St #1590 Los Angeles, CA 90013

Unparalleled Security
With Modern Day Convenience


Customizing your account to the specific needs and preferences you desire.


Enjoy accessibility of a full-serviced city centre facility and ease of domestic/worldwide shipping. Anywhere. Anytime.


Non-disclosure of identity ensures total privacy and confidentiality.


Enjoy tax exemptions within our secured facilities in Free Trade Zones.


Expect 100% coverage for your stored assets, underwritten by Lloyd’s of London for up to USD 2 Billion.


Protected against risks of political-economic crisis and financial systems, your valuables remain safely yours.

Available In These Cities
Spanning Across 40 Countries
New York
Hong Kong
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