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Gold and Silver Vault Storage with UltraVault

With value-added services for those dealing in the purchase, sale and storage of bullion

UltraVault’s gold and silver vault storage facilities are located in Free Trade Zones around the world (except in Singapore) which enable companies, institutions and individuals to store precious metals with 100% duty free exemption (or GST suspension in Singapore).

UltraVault’s security and safety systems have been designed from the ground up incorporating a unique tailored mix of physical surveillance, cutting-edge technology, 24/7 monitored CCTV together with alarm, climate, and fire control systems. Security at each gold and silver vault storage is paramount. UltraVault Singapore’s facility has even attracted international acclaim. Malca-Amit also has CTPAT approval; AEO approval; and is a DFT Regulated Agent.

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Our Precious Metals Vault Storage Solution

Launched by Malca-Amit

Sheltered in a prime location within the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world where you can safely store your gold and silver bullion.

Not only is the little island city protected from natural disasters like tsunamis and tornadoes, it’s also a highly independent and secure nation that preserves its international ties well. This means that Singapore does not run the risk of being invaded by neighbouring countries anytime soon – which presents good news for your gold and silver.

Singapore is a wealth hub that’s thriving in innovation – rest assured that your gold and silver will be highly secure in our private vault storage. Managing your gold in Singapore is also simple – and apart from moving your gold and silver here, should you choose to, there is the option of using SGPMX to continue trading and buying gold as you like.

In our private vault storage, rest assured that your gold vault storage and silver vault storage will be safe from economic troubles, the woes of our modern financial systems, as well as theft – all without being taxed.

Precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium are routinely stored in our specially designed vaults.

UltraVault’s facilities incorporate a dedicated division providing a unique set of value-added services for those dealing in the purchase, sale and storage of bullion.

Phone: +65 6587 9135
Address: 25 North Bridge Road, EFG Bank Building, 179104 Singapore

Unparalleled Security

With Modern Day Convenience


Customising your account to the specific needs and preferences you desire.


Enjoy accessibility of a full-serviced city centre facility and ease of domestic/worldwide shipping. Anywhere. Anytime.

Customs Approved Zero-GST Warehouse (ZGS) operator

Enjoy GST suspension within our secured facilities


Expect 100% coverage for your stored assets, underwritten by Lloyd’s of London for up to USD 2 Billion.


Protected against risks of political-economic crisis and financial systems, your valuables remain safely yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is UltraVault?

    Launched by Malca-Amit, the worldwide leader in diamond and precious metal logistics, UltraVault is a concierge storage and logistics service that provides tailored solutions for the safekeeping and movement of your high value assets.

    Moving precious assets since 1963, the Malca-Amit group has garnered a reputation as the trusted leader for secured vaulting and the international transportation of precious metals such as gold, gems, jewelry, fine arts, rare artifacts, and other valuable collectibles.

    Being an independent service provider, UltraVault limits the exposures and risks of traditional banking and financial systems, safeguarding your assets with absolute discretion and confidentiality.

    UltraVault utilises Malca-Amit’s global network to deliver cutting edge tailored solutions for a range of clients including but not limited to high net worth individuals, fine watch collectors, jewelers and auction houses.

  2. What services are available to me when I sign up for an UltraVault?

    Consider UltraVault as a premium concierge service for your valuable assets. First and foremost, you will have 24/7 access to your assets which are stored in state-of-the art vaults. Moreover, you will have an assigned relationship manager that you can get in touch with for any requirements. You will be able to utilise the luxury of convenience from the full suite of Malca-Amit services such as same day domestic deliveries, international shipping, and white glove services to name a few. Full access to our MyMalca portal will enable you to monitor your account and give instructions no matter where you are or what time it is.

  3. Is the UltraVault solution applicable for physical gold and silver vault storage?

    The UltraVault solution caters to every precious metal investor. With varying solutions on capacities of 10KG, 30KG, and up to 80KG, there are options for you no matter where you are in your precious metal investment journey. We also have tailored solutions for investors planning to store more than 80KG of precious metals in our gold and silver vaults.

    UltraVault, a part of the Malca-Amit Group, operates within LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) accredited vaults globally. This reassures customers that high vaulting standards are maintained consistently. This also means that your bullion, if purchased by an authorized dealer in Singapore, remains within the LBMA chain of integrity. Your physical precious metals deserve the highest safekeeping standards so you can enjoy an absolute peace of mind.

  4. Is there anything I am not able to or should not store in my UltraVault?

    You can store anything of value to you. Valuables for storage could be in the form of precious metals such as gold, diamonds & gems, jewellery, or luxury watches. They could also be important documents, small artefacts, and other collectibles. Customers should provide a brief description and value of the item so we can apply liability coverage to fully protect your assets.

    Storage of contraband items is strictly prohibited. We also have some restrictions in place with regards to storage of banknotes and currencies. Our relationship managers will ensure you are fully aware of any restrictions during the account opening process.

  5. How do I open an account with UltraVault?

    Start by reaching out to us at , you will hear back from one of our relationship managers. Talk to us about your requirements and preferences. Our specialists will then build a solution according to your needs. You will receive a set of forms which need to be completed for our mandatory due diligence. After completing these formalities your account will be open within 48 hours (for individual accounts) or within 5 working days (for corporate accounts) and you will have a dedicated relationship manager attached to your account.

  6. What documents do I need to present/provide to open an account with UltraVault?

    There are 3 sets of documents required for account opening for an individual. The first will be our KYC documents which will need to be completed and signed by the customer. This will need to be accompanied with a passport copy as well as proof of address. Once our relationship manager receives these 3 documents the account should be opened within 48 hours.

    The list of required documents is slightly different for corporates who would like to secure an UltraVault. This will be disclosed to the contact person during the account opening process.

  7. I do not live in a country which has an UltraVault location – can I still open an account?

    Most definitely! The UltraVault solution was designed as a concierge storage solution that you can manage from anywhere and at any time with an absolute peace of mind! Our client base is diverse and international. You can seamlessly set up and monitor your UltraVault account remotely.

    In fact, many of our customers utilise the various locations we have. UltraVault facilities are set up strategically in key global locations so you have the ultimate choice of storing your valuables in the vault closest to you or to store them in a jurisdiction of your preference.

  8. How do I monitor my holdings in UltraVault?

    Through our MyMalca portal, you will have real time and secure access to your inventory in UltraVault. Not only are you able to monitor your holdings, you will also be able to send instructions to the UltraVault team at any time and from anywhere.

    Apart from that you have full access to your UltraVault and your holdings. Just set an appointment and we’ll arrange a dedicated viewing facility for you to organise your belongings.

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