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Fine Art Storage with UltraVault

With value-added services for collectors, auction houses and dealers

UltraVault Fine Arts in Los Angeles is custom built to the highest industry specification with non-liquid fire protection and climate and humidity control.

It is protected by state of the art security systems, around the clock physical surveillance and specially trained professionals for total security.

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Our Fine Art Storage Solution

Flawless Security and Efficiency

Collectors and ardent art enthusiasts need no longer worry about the safety and preservation of their most prized art pieces and collections, now that our storage vault options have opened up to fine art storage as well.

No matter the size and grandeur of your paintings or masterpieces, there is a solution for every kind of art collector. The environments within our fine art storage vaults are highly controlled and closely looked after, ensuring the preservation and longevity of your most prized possessions.

Rest easy knowing that your most cherished treasures will be kept safe from prying hands and always within your reach, whether you wish to check on them or sell them at a higher price in the future.

Together with our dedicated Fine Arts Division, expect absolute convenience under one roof. Located in Free Trade Zones around the globe, ensuring 100% duty-free exemptions on storage, as well as a full range of fine art storage solutions:

  • Inspection Facilities
  • Inventory Management
  • Professional Packing Services
  • Global & Domestic Shipping Services

Our promise of discretion will ensure that your possessions remain secure, and your identity protected. On top of this, your collections will be 100% covered and insured by us, and we’ll always be within reach.

Phone: (213) 627-1103
Address: 550 S Hill St #1590 Los Angeles, CA 90013

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Unparalleled Security

With Modern Day Convenience


Customizing your account to the specific needs and preferences you desire.


Enjoy accessibility of a full-serviced city centre facility and ease of domestic/worldwide shipping. Anywhere. Anytime.


Enjoy tax exemptions within our secured facilities in Free Trade Zones.


Expect 100% coverage for your stored assets, underwritten by Lloyd’s of London for up to USD 2 Billion.


Protected against risks of political-economic crisis and financial systems, your valuables remain safely yours.

Our Gold and Silver Storage Solution Is Available In These Cities

Spanning Across 40 Countries
New York
Hong Kong

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Protect your assets