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Launched by Malca-Amit

Launched by Malca-Amit, the worldwide leader in diamonds and precious metals logistics, UltraVault is a secured storage service that provides tailored solutions for financial institutions, gem traders and wealthy individuals.

Moving precious assets since 1963, the Malca-Amit group has garnered a reputation as the trusted leader for secured vaulting and the international transportation of precious metals, gems, jewelry, fine arts, rare artifacts and other valuable collectibles.

Being an independent service provider, UltraVault limits the exposures and risks of traditional banking and financial systems, safeguarding your assets with absolute discretion and confidentiality.

With a global network spanning 32 countries over 5 continents, a clientele ranging from auction houses, international banks, purveyors of luxury goods and high net worth individuals, we pride ourselves on being an agile, flexible storage and transportation solutions provider with the highest standards in privacy and security.

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