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Malca-Amit New Launch services

Malca-Amit Singapore is pleased to announce its strategic expansion into Singapore fine arts industry and Hold Mail services.

Fine Art Services

Our Fine Arts Division is now fully operational to serve the growing needs of Malca-Amit’s current and prospective clients across Singapore and Asia Pacific Region.

Our Fine Arts Division provides a clear commitment towards a one stop specialized logistics service which includes the following:

  • Domestic Transportation
  • Import/Export of Artworks
  • Artwork Storage Services (Bonded/Local)
  • Artwork Installation Services
  • Handling and Packing Services
  • Fabrication, Packing & Customized Crating Services
  • Fabrication, Packing & Customized of Carton boxes
  • CITES Application
  • Tarmac Supervision
  • Certificate for cultural goods and all other official documents required by local authorities

Vincent Ng, currently our Business Development Director, has been assigned the role to lead the Fine Arts Division. Vincent has over 18 years in operations logistics with more than 5 years serving major auction houses, galleries and private collectors. Working with him is a dedicated team of Fine Art Handlers who are formerly from auction houses and renowned art agencies. The entire team possesses different value-added skills (electronics, electrical, carpentry, etc.) that ensure the best handling and installation of artworks of different medium.

Hold mail Services

The mailbox service is a specialized mailing service for corporates and individuals who wish to create a mailing address in Singapore or who don’t want to worry about the space for storing their documents. We expertly handle and securely store your important mail until you are ready to collect them.  All articles of mail are handled with discretion and stored in a state-of-the art vault in the heart of Singapore.

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