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Ways To Store Your Luxury Watches Safely

Watches are made of many intricate parts. Furthermore, luxury watches are often made of expensive materials such as precious metals and diamonds. Even though luxury watches are made to last, they require adequate care and protection in order to maintain them in good working condition.

ways to store your luxury watches safely

Here are three ways you can store your luxury watches.

1. In a storage case

A basic choice for most watch owners, a watch storage case typically has compartments to hold multiple watches. A storage case does the simple job of protecting watches from dust and humidity.

You can place some silica gel in the storage case to help absorb moisture. This helps to preserve watches as high humidity can cause rust to form on the intricate parts of watches. Silica gel can be easily found in home improvement stores or craft stores.

You can opt for a storage case with a glass covering at the top so you can see your watches without opening the case. This helps to prevent overhandling of the watches, thereby minimizing damage that comes from unnecessary contact.

2. On a watch winder at home

The human motion is what keeps an automatic watch operating when it is worn. This means that if one is not wearing the watch, it stops running. A watch winder can help to keep a watch running even after one has removed the watch.

A watch winder typically comes in a box and contains one or multiple watch holders which spin to keep the self-winding mechanism in automatic watches running. Besides keeping a watch running, a watch winder box can also protect it from dust.

When purchasing a watch winder, it is important to note the frequency of the rotation or whether the frequency can be adjusted. Another point to note when purchasing a watch winder is its noise level, as some watch winders can be very loud when in operation such that it becomes unsuitable for it to be stored in the bedroom.

3. In a safe deposit box

Sometimes, one’s home may not be an ideal place for storing luxurious watches due to a lack of security measures. In this case, banks and private vault facilities that provide safe deposit box services may be a better choice, as they are protected by strong security systems. At these facilities, access to the safe deposit boxes are also limited to the owner and other authorized persons, and the risk of theft is minimized.

Some private vault facilities are also equipped with climate control technology where the facility can be kept in a fixed humidity and temperature level. As mentioned previously, a lower humidity level helps to preserve watches as high humidity can cause intricate parts of watches to rust.

Ultra Vault provides safe deposit box services where you can safekeep your luxury watches with a peace of mind. Find out more about Ultra Vault’s Safe Deposit Box services at key locations worldwide:

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