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How To Store Your Valuables When Travelling

Regardless of where one is travelling to in the world, it is recommended that one should have secure storage for any valuable one is travelling with.

It can be challenging to secure one’s valuables while travelling, but there are dependable ways to offer some security.

how to store valuables when travelling

1. Money Belt

Money is an indispensable item to bring around when one is travelling, and keeping it safe against theft, misplacement, or loss is of the essence. Money belts are an excellent way in which one can store your money safely.

They are made in different styles and sizes to cater to different preferences. A zipped money belt can be hidden under one’s waist and can sit under your clothes.

They are very safe because it is difficult for a thief to gain access of the money as it would be to a pocket wallet. The chances of loss or misplacement is also minimised as one will always be wearing the belt.

2. Waist Wallet

Almost like a money belt, a waist wallet is attached to a belt, where it is zipped or attached to a belt loop. One can store paper money and even coins. This offers safety because it becomes hard for a pickpocket to steal the wallet as it is fastened to the belt.

Waist wallets also come in different sizes, where some can even hold a passport and credit cards which is a really useful feature for travelling.

3. Anti-Theft Bag

This is a widely used bag that has a lot of advantages for any traveller around the world. The bag has many features ranging from straps that have metal inside that prevents being cut.

More so, inside the anti-theft bags are pockets for credit cards that prevent your cards from electronic pick-pocketing through skimming. They have insulation, where an electronic pickpocket is not able to scan the credit cards and copy the RFID data.

Additionally, anti-theft bags may have an outside lining that hides the fastened zips to avoid a thief from gaining access into the bag unnoticed. Even though anti-theft bags may not fully prevent stealing, they do help in deterring and delaying theft.

4. In-Room Safe

Hoteliers understand that travellers carry with them money and other valuables that they may not want to keep in the open. This is why in-room safes are commonly found in resorts and mainstream hotels, where they are fastened to the wall of a hotel room.

Upon checking in, the guest is provided with an electronic keypad to access and lock the safe. This makes it hard for any unauthorised access to the guest’s valuables.

5. Locker

Lockers may either be provided at a facility such as a spa or amusement park, or come in portable sizes for a traveller to bring around. Regardless of size, their purpose is to keep valuables out of sight from the public eye, but do not necessarily offer as much security as an in-room safe.

6. Safe Deposit Box

If for some reason you are travelling with highly valuable items, a safe deposit box may be a more secure option. Some private vaults provide short term options where you can store your valuables with them for a short period of time.

As a traveller, besides keeping your valuables secured in the options mentioned above, it is also good to be street smart and always be aware of your surroundings.

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