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Different Types Of Safe Deposit Boxes

A safe deposit box at a local bank can be a preferred place to keep documents that are hard to replace, or jewellery and other valuables.

Nonetheless, it can be inconvenient for some items that require not just secure access, but quick access. One’s valuables differ and so are the different types of safe deposit boxes as you may find below.

Types Of Safe Deposit Boxes

1. Residential Security Safe

Sometimes, burglars can break into our homes and steal that which we highly value. More so, accidental fire can damage valuables that cannot be replaced. This makes residential security safes a necessity at home or in the office.

Some of the documents one can store in a residential security safe are cash, jewellery, birth certificates, marriage certificates, college certificates, or title deeds among others. This can prevent theft, damage from fire, water damage, or accidental loss. More so, it is very convenient to access because of the vicinity.

2. Data Safe

Digitised information holds crucial information that needs a lot of care against loss or unauthorised access. Data safe provides a viable solution to people who wish to protect their data.

Data safe providers also allow content to be kept in individual safes that are encrypted and protected by a password of the owner’s choice to make sure that data can only be accessed with authorisation from the owner.

3. Fire Resistant Safe

Emergencies like fire are never planned, and so it becomes imperative to invest in a fireproof safe. With Insulite material that makes the safe fireproof, one is assured of the safety of the valuables stored.

Because of the wide-ranging degree of fire, the fire resistant safe is made in such a way that it can sustain a high temperature, thereby keeping the contents safe from fire damages.

4. Portable Safe

Portable safes are very common with travellers because it provides security for important documents and other valuables one might be travelling with.

This type of safe offers security for the cash one is carrying, electronics like phones and laptops, car keys, and more. They are made easier to pack and carry, and most importantly, hard to steal.

With a GPRS tracker, it is easier to trace and recover the portable safe in the event it is stolen or misplaced.

5. Wall Safe

Wall safes come in different models that provide safe and secure access. Mostly, they are mounted on the wall and hidden from the public eye. It is concealed from obvious locations and are difficult to break into.

Similar to other safes, wall safes are usually fireproof. Additionally, as wall safes are concreted on the wall, this provides extra security, where a burglar cannot remove it to open it elsewhere.

6. Gun Safe

In America, guns can be an important accompaniment in an individual’s life. The law recognises the significance of keeping the firearm safe to prevent it from damage, unqualified or unauthorised access, or against theft in the event of burglary.

The best gun safes are the ones rated “1 hour” because they can sustain fire for up to one hour. This enables the gun and ammunition to survive domestic or office fire for up to an hour without getting damaged.

7. Safe Deposit Box in a Private Vault

If you would not like to keep the content at home, your office, or be restricted by the regulations of a bank, safe deposit boxes in private vaults would be suitable for you.

Most private vaults offer safe deposit boxes of different sizes for varying needs. Some of them also offer transportation service so you can access your safe deposit box at a place to your convenience.

As you can see, there is a variety of safe deposit boxes available with different features to cater to different needs! Based on your own needs, you can choose to either purchase your own safe, or engage the services of a bank or private vault.

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