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Dangers of Storing Valuables at Home

There are different ways of storing our valuables. Some of us keep them in a safe located in a bank or private vault, while there are also others who opt to store them at home.

For those who store their valuables at home, here are some areas you should take note of.

dangers of storing valuables at home

1. Theft

Residential facilities have many and different people coming in and going out. This increases the risk of valuables being stolen. Even when valuables are kept in a home safe, burglars can attempt to access the safe.

Worse still, burglars can force the owner who has access to the safe to open and steal its contents. Smaller safes pose a bigger risk as they can be easily carried away by a thief if not properly concreted on the wall.

When one store valuables at home, people may become aware of those valuables. This could arouse unwanted curiosity from people around.

Additionally, constant contact with the valuables can damage them. More so, it becomes insecure to have valuables that are too expensive at home, where there are many people and security is minimal.

In as much as one may have a strong safe that is not easily accessible, burglars can break into one’s residential premises which pose a security threat to both the valuables and residents.

2. Unforeseen Weather Conditions

Natural occurrences can strike any time without warning. Sometimes, even a variance in temperature can tamper with some valuables, such as electronics that can only sustain in a certain temperature range.

Temperatures can change to both extremes, where during winter, valuables could be destroyed by moisture or extremely low temperature. On the other hand, extremely hot weather can also cause damage.

Humidity is another cause for alarm, where too much humidity can cause damage to valuables too. As some documents are irreplaceable, keeping them safe and in a place that reduces the risk of damage is essential.

Additionally, moisture that diffuses through the air can dampen surfaces, which if left for long can cause damage. For example, electronic devices may start to rust and fail to function afterwards.

3. Cost

Contrary to popular belief, it can be costly to store valuables at home. This is because an effective safety deposit box will automatically cost more. A safety box that is more secure is heavy to avoid burglars from carrying it away.

Smaller safes can be carried away even when they are mounted in the wall, as some walls are not strong enough to prevent a burglar from removing a small safe.

When valuables are damaged, they incur a lot of cost to have them either replaced or repaired. More so, a damaged valuable reduces its value. Some of your valuables may even be irreplaceable.

Ultimately, to avoid such risks, investing in a costlier safety box becomes inevitable. Alternatively, you can consider storing them in safe deposit box services offered by banks and private vaults.

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