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Unveiling the UltraVault

Last week on Tuesday, one of the world’s biggest vault operators Malca-Amit hosted its launch event for the new premium product known as “UltraVault” for its private guests in the Art House of Singapore.

Beginning with a private viewing in Malca-Amit’s third vault in Singapore, the product launch event “Unveiling the UltraVault” was sponsored by McLaren, Burgess Yacht, Corndale Consultant Rare Wine and private diamonds consultants, which attracted over 40 guests from different industries.

UltraVault is a premium service which was prelaunched in September this year in Singapore and Hong Kong. It appeals the wealthy individuals who
want to protect their valuables by keeping them in a secured facility that is accessible anywhere in the world. As the most exclusive safe deposit service in the market, UltraVault provides tailor-made solutions to storing and transporting treasured possessions.

“Our clients benefit from being outside the traditional banking and financial system, thereby diversifying and limiting risk, exposure and enjoy absolute discretion, confidentiality and flexibility throughout all operations.” Said Ariel Kohelet, Managing Director of Malca-Amit Singapore, “Since we have been servicing the corporate clients over the past 50 years across the world, we’re confident about the service we offer
to our private clients in the long run.”

As for its success of the pre-launch in Hong Kong and Singapore, the company plans to expand the service to London, New York and Tokyo early next year.


Malca-Amit provides the Luxury Goods Industry, High-Net-Worth-Individuals, and International Banks with a global team of experts, including logistics, security, customs house and special operations professionals.

Established in 1963, Malca-Amit is one of the world’s largest and most reputable providers of wealth management logistics and transportation for valuable goods, precious metals, diamonds, and jewelry, handling over 66% of global diamond transports.

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