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Founded in 1963, wealth management logistics company Malca-Amit is widely regarded as the industry gold standard in precious metals logistics and storage. It holds assets for both corporations and individuals worldwide, and its reputation is built upon decades of vaulting and transporting these assets between countries and continents with flawless security and efficiency.

With UltraVault, Malca-Amit brings its signature brand of technological innovation and bespoke integrated strategies to this new safe deposit service tailored for busy lifestyles. Unlike traditional safe deposit box services that typically form a value-added component to banking activities, UltraVault is a dedicated safe deposit facility that places its clients’ treasured belongings at the heart of its business.

This means a service that is not constrained by operating hours and fixed locations. In addition to choosing the specific dimensions of their safe deposit box, clients can view, withdraw or store their assets at any time of the day or night, at the location of their choice. Its door-to-door service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the entirely portable boxes can be delivered to one’s office, residence oreven hotel. With more than 70 offices in over 30 countries, UltraVault can also transport assets almost anywhere in the world, and Malca-Amit’s global footprint across vital free-trade and duty-free zones bring a decided advantage.

In Singapore, UltraVault provides maximum convenience for customers with two facilities, where they can inspect or present their goods in dedicated viewing rooms. The first facility, located within the EFG Bank Building in the central business district, allows customers to access their valuables in the heart of the city at any time of the day or night. The other is housed within Malca-Amit’s flagship Singapore facility in Le Freeport, the stateof-the-art logistics hub near Changi Airport—ideal for clients travelling in or out of Singapore.

UltraVault is backed up by Malca-Amit’s extensive liability insurance policy placed with underwriters at Lloyd’s of London. Its clients also benefit from being outside the traditional banking and financial system, thereby diversifying and limiting their risk and exposure while enjoying absolute discretion, confidentiality and flexibility

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