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Forbes – Interview with Mr. Nigel Paxman, President of Malca-Amit Global

News by Ultra Vault on 10 November 2016

Asia’s largest vault operator Malca-Amit has launched its most exclusive safe deposit service that provides tailor-made …READ FULL ARTICLE

Box Clever – Introduction by HK Tatler

News by Ultra Vault on 28 October 2016

Don’t know what to do with your prized possessions? UltraVault’s high- security storage service offers convenience and peace of mind. For most of us, the closest we get to a safe-deposit box is watching Matt Damon or Daniel Craig trying to crack one open in a movie. While Jason Bourne and James Bond aren’t after your valuables…

BLOOMBERG article – Interview with Mr. Ariel Kohelet, Managing Director at Malca-Amit Singapore Pte Ltd.

News by Ultra Vault on 23 August 2016

The stash of gold, silver and gems stored in the vaults and safe deposit boxes of Malca-Amit in Singapore has jumped …READ FULL ARTICLE

Hong Kong – How safe is your Home Safe?

News by Ultra Vault on 8 August 2016

Billionaire tycoon the latest target in spate of high-profile Hong Kong break-ins. Tycoon Cheng Yu-tung’s …READ FULL ARTICLE

Hong Kong – Is your home really the safest place for your most precious valuables?

News by Ultra Vault on 20 July 2016

Another burglary in Hong Kong’s most expensive residential district The Peak despite major anti-crime operation in M …READ FULL ARTICLE